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Fountains Of Me [entries|friends|calendar]
Yeah, my name's Wayne; how'd you guess?

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Kool-Aid [03 Mar 2004|12:11am]
[ mood | amused ]

I actually forgot to put this into my list of accidents.
So here goes.
I was about eleven years old.
I was making kool-aid, the cherry flavour. yum.

I grew up in the countryside of Virginia. We used empty milk jugs to store water. The pipes in our house were so old and rusty that we never drank the water. So we filled up jugs from a friend's house that had fresh, cold, mountain spring water. (yum).
Well, I grab a jug, and mix up the kool-aid.
"Mom, this kool-aid tastes really funny."
"What water did you use?"
"The water in the jugs by the sink, of course."
"Ok, then you're just nuts."
*gulp gulp* finish one glass.
"Nooo, this tastes really off."
"You're still nuts." (and my mummy goes back to her work)
*gulp gulp* second glass gone.
"Mom...please, taste this."
"Fine, gimme a glass."
"OH MY GOD!!!"
"You used bleach!"
"The bleach bottle was leaking, and so I poured it into a milk jug!"
"Jesus, mom! Why didn't you tell me??"
"Didn't it smell like bleach??"
"Not when you mix it with tons of sugar and this kool-aid pack!"
"Ack! go get the milk! Get the milk!"
I then had to drink an entire gallon of milk...but I am lactose intolerant, and milk, while neutralizing the bleach, really screwed my stomach up.

Either way, I was a very unhappy little girl who became overly intimate with the bathroom later than evening.
And truthfully? Bleach doesn't taste *that* weird...especially when mixed with Cherry Kooler flavour.

The motto: Never trust a milk jug with anything other than milk. :)

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My amusing stories...... [29 Feb 2004|12:42am]
[ mood | amused ]

Age 1: Broken Foot.

Age 4: Severe kindney infection involving lots of yummy pink medicine and multiple doctor visits. and poking needles of some sort.

Age 6-ish: first minor car accident due to snow. of course i wasn't driving...duh!

Age 9 or 10: Appendix removal. fun fun!

Age 11: Double sprained ankles involving a leap down a flight of stairs.

Age 12: Fell down onto glass, carved out skin on my hand. Still have a weird scar, and I blamed the cat for "tripping me" when it was really my own damn fault. shhh, don't tell.

Age 12: Broke three of my toes due to a vacuum cleaner incident, my sister's bedroom door, and sliding under her wardrobe. Again, don't ask. ugh.

Age 14: Second car accident. (fender bender, really, I wasn't driving). No injuries. Just a fight with my sister. haha.

Age 15: Broke all toes on my left foot due to a dastardly can of shaving cream that fell in the shower and the rim cracked against my toes. Very weird, I know.

Age 15/16: toenail clipper accident (see previous entry) involving surgery to drain the puss.

Age 16: Third car accident. I was not driving. No injuries to the car I was riding in. The other car people had to be cut out of. ick.

Age 16: Slammed my thumb into a car door and nearly took everything from the bottom of my fingernail off. Decapitated thumb. gross. all healed now!

Age 17: Toxic Chemical poisoning, by accident. (long story)

Age 17: First bout of severe asthmatic bronchitis. Confined to a bed for almost three weeks.

Age 17: left wrist: Tendon ripped out of place at the horrible Lollapolooza. Two operations to correct it in the next two years.

Age 18: First hospital stay for asthma.

Age 18: Fourth car accident. (again, I wasn't driving. only injury was a slight concussion).

Age 19: Second hospital stay for asthma and pneumonia.

Age 18: Fifth car accident on I-95. Spun around at 70mph but no injuries, except to my car. lucky me!

Age 19: Sixth car accident. my fault. mild fender bender. no big deal.

Age 20: All four wisdom teeth out. Found out I was allergic to hydrocodon, after i swallowed the pill. Intense vomiting thru my nose followed.

Age 21: First hospital visit for my tonsils. The doctors refuse to remove them. I hate doctors.

Age 21: Puncture a hole in my knee during new year's festivies in Vienna, Austria. yuck.

Age 22: 2nd kidney infection. Put onto Cipro...amazingly, no side effects! The easiest meds ever.

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The Intro [02 Feb 2004|01:01am]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm Wayne. I'm 22. And yeah....I have a ska band. I have these people on my friends' list, but if you don't want to be associated with, me...tell me:
_________emokid Garrett Mercerr
_e_s_s_e_n_c_e_ Essence Carter
a2k_ A2K Houseman
a_a_r_o_n___j Aaron Johansen
benjified110 Benj Bercheron (my half-brother)
dashboardbandit Mike Barret
jeremiahrocks Jeremiah Medema
justplaindavid David Evans
laughof_thehomo "Kate" Beerman
pinkpimp_jt2000 J.T. Thomas
rx_confessional Dan Barret
thestarscry_ Rachel Bishop
ummm___geoff Geoff Mercerr
xbr0kensilencex "Alexxx" Golliver
xstarry_nightsx Iris Devine

I don't know what to write.

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